design a lifestyle that allows to prioritize YOU (mind, body & soul) without guilt or overwhelm. Even when you:

  • Are building a purpose and impact driven business AND raising children
  • Feel like there is never enough time and adding ME time seems like a luxury
  • Have tried the “perfect” health plans from your favorite influencers but no matter how hard you try you can’t stick to them
  • Doubt you can actually prioritize YOU because in the past when unexpected things happen (which they always do!) your plan falls apart

So that you can create sustainable, life-proof habits that support YOU and give you the energy to grow a thriving heart-centered business.


You are feeling exhausted or on the verge of burn out.

I get it.

You are juggling a lot. Between:

  • client calls
  • building relationships with your audience
  • selling your work
  • cooking
  • cleaning
  • play time
  • school drop off and pick up
  • homework
  • sports
  • among all the other responsibilities you have

It's exhausting.

Let me know if this sounds familiar

You are tired of being exhausted or tired of feeling drained all the time and how it is affecting your:

  • productivity
  • ability to support your clients
  • mood
  • connection with yourself, your children and partner
  • among other things in your life.

You recognize the way you are doing things isn't a sustainable way of living and putting YOU at the top of your list and taking better care of yourself is what needs to be done.

So either you have setup a goal and a plan to achieve it. But life happens and you start thinking:

  • I can't do this; this whole healthy lifestyle just isn't for me
  • This is so hard, why bother
  • I just can't get my act together

Or you are winging it and find yourself:

  • Stuck in inaction due to not wanting to make mistakes and "waste time"
  • Focusing on others actions to help you discover the magic secret that you are missing
  • Being impatient because results are not happening as expected

Regardless, you might be feeling frustrated and/or overwhelmed because there is too much to do and you don't have enough time, motivation or willpower to do it all, so you just quit.

Here is the thing ... YOU are NOT the problem.

The real reason you haven't been successful at prioritizing your health & wellbeing yet, it's because you're not making the approach you're following your own and intentionally integrating it in your life.

How would it feel to...

  • Have the vibrancy to scale your business and your impact?
  • Attract more business opportunities because you have the energy to hold them all?
  • Have the mental clarity and focus to work more efficiently?
  • Be active and go on adventures with your family?
  • Fill your life with happiness and joy?
  • Have the physical vitality to play with your children and/or dance your heart out?
  • Have the vigor to travel and experience the simple joys in life?

Imagine ...

Waking up on your own, feeling energized, grateful and excited.

Spending a few minutes of ME time to set the tone of your day.

Going through your morning feeling grounded and calm despite the kids' screams and fights.

Enjoying the school ride by maybe singing, dancing, playing games or talking with your children.

Cooking simple meals that are delicious, satisfying and feel good in your body.

Looking forward to move your body because it's fun, gives you energy and feels great.

Giving yourself space throughout your day to breathe, rest and for the creative juices to flow.

Making quicker decisions because you can think more clearly.

Working more efficiently, which means getting more done with less effort.

Staying grounded, focused and centered during challenging times in your business.

Feeling proud about how you are serving and showing up for your clients and audience. You are vibrant and magnetic and people just want to be around you.

Finally, have the time to create deeper connection with your children and partner.

Laying down in bed feeling satisfied with your day. No matter what happened or what you accomplish, you know one thing for sure … you're totally enjoying the full experience of life. You are embracing the ebbs and flows, the challenges and opportunities. The miracles, the good, the bad and the ugly.

Creating ALL of it with the guidance and support you need to stay accountable and in integrity with yourself!


Right now you are ...

Being a mom whose day feels like one exhausting loop of managing your business, home, kids, partner and everything else in between.

Trying to do it all with a tired and maybe resentful smile on your face because it means that you are capable of being a mom who has her act together.

And this is all, leaving you:

  • Burn out because you've been pushing for so long and you're realizing how you've been running your business and your life isn't sustainable.
  • Stressed which is affecting the quality of your sleep. No matter how much you sleep you no longer feel rested nor energized.
  • Not making the best choices for YOU. Making decisions in business and at home is feeling hard because you are not able to think straight or think at all.
  • Struggling to get things done. Your tasks are taking a lot longer to complete. Focus is barely there. Productivity has gone down the drain.
  • Disconnected from your children, partner and others.
  • Experiencing pain in your body and/or getting sick more than usual.

Let me show you how it can be different.

Welcome to Thriving Business Mom Club

Thriving Business Mom Club is a monthly membership for moms in business to prioritize themselves and establish simple daily habits that will help them increase their energy, accomplish more while doing less and enjoy life while feeling better than they have in years.

In the Club, I'll guide and support you to:

  • Create a customized health plan for YOU that's both effective and enjoyable so that you stick to it with ease
  • Work through mindset & emotional blocks causing self sabotage in health and business
  • Prioritize and implement healthy habits one by one to show up as the mom and business owner you desire
  • Stay accountable and on track with your vision and goals to live life with the energy you are wishing for

Hi, I'm Carelyn

A few years ago, I was told that I needed to overcome my exhaustion to be fully present and be able to effectively support my children and their needs.

But I wasn’t sure I could. I was too busy looking after others and figuring out how to deal with all of what was happening, I doubted myself and I believed it was normal, it was just part of being a mom.

I felt frustrated and discouraged but I was also tired of spinning my wheels. I recognized my daily habits weren’t helping, so creating new habits to support me was key to being present and connected with my children and being able to support them.  

So, I set out to find a way to make it happen and it did. I’m so grateful for more than enough energy without coffee, caffeine, energy drinks, supplements or sugar, good old natural energy thanks to my daily habits!

Inside the Thriving Business Mom Club, I'm giving YOU the exact process I use myself and I use with my private coaching clients to take you from exhausted to energized.

Let me show you what's inside the Club to help you prioritize YOU and enjoy your life with ease:

The Thriving Mom CARES Method is a validated method that will guide you to build a strong foundation to establish daily habits that you enjoy and support you so that you can reclaim your energy, boost your productivity and fall back in love with your life.

Inside the Thriving Business Mom Club we'll be using an intentional approach to change for greater control and focus over your health & wellbeing journey. I'll coach you one small step at a time to keep you from getting overwhelmed and quitting on yourself.


Connect with your desires and where are you currently at so you can honor yourself. In this step, you'll get the clarity of what it is that you want, how it feels, what it looks like. Also, where you currently are without shame or judgment so you can take responsibility and step into your Power to create different results. You'll start with the confidence that you are on the right path to improve your overall wellbeing.


Align with your values, priorities and who you are becoming to create a customized plan that brings you both results and joy. In this step, you'll discover how to incorporate YOU, your body, your goals and your life to create a structured as well as flexible plan that works for YOU and you look forward to.


Release the emotional and mental blocks that are holding you back. In this step, through exercises and coaching you'll identify and reveal what emotions are creating triggers, what your flavor of “self sabotage” might be and what to do when it happens, because it will happen which it’s ok.

Embody & Evolve

Embody the woman who is energized and puts her wellbeing and care as top priority while going after her desires. Evolve into a healthy & happy mom who loves life. In this step, you'll also learn the foundational habits that are key to support your wellbeing and energy. And the skills and tools you need to implement them.


Celebrate, reflect, evaluate and adjust to make lasting changes and create a lifestyle you love. In this step, you'll celebrate you! All your wins, big or small. Let your body's feedback guide you to success.

The content will be released in actionable and practical short, bite sized lessons to help you create momentum. 

You'll have access to a community of other like-minded moms who are also prioritizing themselves and designing a lifestyle that they enjoy alongside of you so that you can bounce ideas off of, get help and/or learn from, build relationships and celebrate.

You won't be or feel
alone in this journey.

Surrounding yourself with others who are working towards their goals, with a common purpose and a common approach brings so much power to your journey and increases your success. Research shows that when there is community you are five times more likely to be engaged and 16 times more likely to stay committed to the work.

Support is provided in the form of accountability and coaching.

Knowledge is powerful and can create breakthroughs. But transformation only happens when you implement or embody what you've learned.

As you integrate The Thriving Mom CARES Method in your life, you'll have weekly accountability as well as check-ins inside the private community.

Also monthly group coaching
calls led by Carelyn to get your most burning questions answered and/or guide you to tap into the answers within, identify and heal/remove the blocks that are holding you back and help you implement what you've learned to create a custom plan for YOU that is both effective and enjoyable.

“Carelyn is a beacon of quiet yet relentless commitment to what she teaches. In my time working with Carelyn she has shown me that it's the little everyday things that make the biggest difference and how to approach them JOY! I would not want to go back to my life before Carelyn came into it.”

Michelle Bourdeau
Retreat Strategist

When you become a member of Thriving Business Mom Club you'll get access to...


A community of other business moms committed to their health for celebrations, accountability, coaching and connection.


Private area for you to access The Thriving Mom CARES Method course, replays of the live calls, templates, playsheets and bonuses.


Weekly thread to let us know what are you working on. As well as check-ins where you can request support or we can celebrate with you.


Monthly live calls where you get individualized coaching. All live calls are recorded and accessible for replay on the member's area.


Monthly designated hours to get your questions answered, check in, get extra support or accountability inside the FB community.


Monthly live celebration where you bring your favorite drink and party hat to celebrate YOU and other members. A virtual moms night in.

The schedule has been designed to have different touch points because we all uniquely need support and help in different ways. It's my goal to meet you where you are and serve and support you in whatever way works for you. You can participate in all or pick and choose how and when to attend.

But wait! Of course, there's more for YOU:

One 1:1 Empowerment Session

In this session, we'll work together to identify and bust through your limiting beliefs and gain clarity on what to focus on inside the Club.

Cyclical Living Guide

With this PDF, you'll learn how your body changes throughout the month, what "symptoms" you might experience and the gifts that each of the phases have, so you can plan your business and your life working with your body instead of against her.

Guest Expert Training

Guest experts will come to teach you other practices that will add value to your health & wellbeing journey. I want to help you build a thriving fulfilling life where every area of your life is healthy and abundant.


  • The Thriving Mom CARES Method Course + Member's Portal ($1,500 value)
  • Private Community of Like Minded Moms (Priceless)
  • Monthly Support ($1,000 value)
  • Weekly Accountability & Check Ins ($1,000 value)
  • Guest Expert Training ($250+ value)

Total Value of $3,750/month

Your Investment: $99/month


What makes Thriving Business Mom Club different from other things you've tried?

  • Intentional Approach to Change

It has been designed to help you be present and intentional with your actions so you can have greater control and focus over your wellness journey. As well as help you THRIVE under love rather than pressure and struggle which a lot of us are used to.

  • Habits & Skills Focused

The focus is to help you build sustainable habits and give you the skills needed to transform your energy and your life.

  • Transformational Coaching

I'll meet you where you are at and guide you to discover ways to make this work in your life. And will help you
help tap into the answers within and identify and heal/remove the blocks that are holding you back so you can trust yourself and have the confidence you need in your journey.

Thriving Business Mom Club is for YOU if you are a ...

  • Biz mom who wants to overcome exhaustion and is looking for better ways to do it
  • Biz mom who is done with the "solutions" that give you temporary relief and want real, lasting and sustainable change
  • Biz mom who is missing out on life especially adventures with your children because you are too tired, exhausted or burn out
  • Biz mom who is feeling frustrated and/or overwhelmed in your wellness journey because there is not enough time, motivation or willpower to work on it
  • Biz mom who is coachable and ready to do the work to transform your life 
  • Biz mom who is committed to put your wellbeing and care as top priority

Ready to feel energized?


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“In the end, I am the only one who can give my children a happy mother who loves life.”


I see you and hear you

Motherhood and business are a blessing. But they can also be stressful and challenging.

I have seen so many moms push through to the point of exhaustion or burn out because of self-limiting beliefs, judgement and fear of failure.

Life doesn't have to be this exhausting nor hard.

Which is why, I designed this membership to inspire and guide you to live in integrity with yourself and commit to taking care of you without compromising or sacrificing what's important to YOU.

It's about you taking full responsibility of your life and becoming the person you know you want and are meant to be so you can create habits that allow you to experience joy and pleasure in your everyday life rather than escape from it.

You don't have to do this alone. I'm here to guide you and support you along the way.

So, are you in?