About me

Carelyn Torres

Hi Mama. Pleasure to meet you! I am so excited you are here. Let me introduce myself.
I am a certified health and wellness coach, wife and loving mom of 2 amazing, fun, and veeeery active boys under the age of 4. Also a travel, beach, music, dance, and food enthusiast. For me becoming a mother has been one of the greatest blessings and a dream come true. But not everything that comes with motherhood is “peaches and cream”.

With my first pregnancy, I felt proud of my body for having the strength of creating a beautiful and healthy baby and for providing him with the food he needed but that didn’t stop me from feeling insecure about it. At first, my body was kind of an afterthought meaning I was aware of the extra weight but I was sure I was going to be back in my pre-pregnancy weight in no time, I mean I was breastfeeding and don’t they say when you breastfeed the weight comes off easily. Little did I know, that was not the case for me. As time passed and my weight was not back to “normal”, my body insecurities started to flourish. On top of that, because of the hormones my eczema was out control.

There I was, with tons of clothes in my closet and none of my pants would fit me comfortably except for my yoga pants. I ended up borrowing clothes from my mom because I refused to go shopping for clothes that were not my pre-pregnancy size. I avoided going out, taking pictures because I didn’t like how I looked, not exercising because I was exhausted, and sometimes eating just because I was overwhelmed with everything going on (work, baby, house, body, etc, etc, etc).
Wanting to be the best mom for my child, I made the decision to take care of myself and my body beyond the basic needs. I started treating myself with kindness, love, and respect, gradually adding more whole foods to my diet, and incorporated other habits that made me feel good and didn't add more stress to my day.
I have to tell you it has been AMAZING. When you eat foods that nourish your body, your body thrives. I have a lot of energy to keep up with my boys, since they seem to have an endless supply of it, I sleep better, my eczema has calmed down, and now more than ever I am PROUD and CONFIDENT in my body (I may have my moments but I know how to refocus). 
I made taking care of myself a priority. It is necessary to be at my best for my family. I learned to listen to my body, found different ways to move my body throughout the day, and implemented self care practices that can be done in 15 min or less. An Action Plan, Positive Mindset, and Consistency have been key to achieve my health goals.
I am excited for being present, not holding back, and enjoying life with my children and hubby. I am front and centered in the family pictures, no longer stress about food, and enjoy all the foods I love. My home is a diet free zone. I am so very much grateful and happy that I have been able to discover what works for me, my family, and my life. I am proud to be setting the example for my children.
The road to find what works for me wasn’t straightforward. It took experimenting, time, some success, and some failures. I would love to be part of your journey to motivate you and provide guidance every step of the way during our time together. I know you can do this. You are WORTH IT.
When I joined the Institute of Integrative Nutrition, I didn’t know who I was meant to serve but going through my journey it was clear to me that helping moms live a healthy lifestyle and feel Confident in their bodies so that they don’t miss life's precious moments and can focus on what matters most is my passion.